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Genesis - (1998) Not About Us

Genesis - (1998) Not About Us

Singles/EPs/Fan Club/Promo, released in 1998

Track Listings

1. Not about us (Radio edit) (4:04)
2. Anything now (6:58)
3. Sign your life away (4:44)
4. Run out of time (6:07)

Total time 21:53

- Tony Banks / Keyboards, vocals
- Mike Rutherford / Bass, guitar, vocals
- Ray Wilson / Vocals
- Nir Z / Drums

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Genesis - (1992) Single Hold On My Heart

Genesis - (1992) Single "Hold On My Heart"

1 - Hold On My Heart
2 - Way Of The World
3 - Home By The Sea (Live)
4 - Your Own Special Way (Live)

Genesis - (1978) Chicago 1978 (Pre-FM)

Genesis - (1978) Chicago 1978 (Pre-FM) .shn
Title: SAB 05 Version 2 (SAB 05 V2)
Date: 13-Oct-1978
Venue: Uptown Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA
Quality: A+
lineage: FM>RM>WAV>shntool>SHN

Recording comments
Best version without any doubt. Big improvement over all the older versions. This one has a great stereo image as well, with a great atmosphere surrounding you when you're listening on headphones. Best complete recording from the tour! To describe this release with one word : wonderful! Forget all other versions, get this one!

Disc 1
1.1 Eleventh Earl Of Mar 10:16
1.2 In The Cage 08:15
1.3 Burning Rope 08:04
1.4 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight / The Musical Box 09:34
1.5 Ripples 10:36
1.6 Deep In The Motherlode 07:00
1.7 One For The Vine 10:43
1.8 Squonk 06:44

Disc 2:
2.1 Phil Talking 02:04
2.2 Say It's Alright Joe 09:06
2.3 The Lady Lies 10:18
2.4 The Cinema Show / In That Quiet Earth 11:26
2.5 Afterglow 04:59
2.6 Follow You, Follow Me 04:32
2.7 Dance On A Volcano / Drum Duet 05:47
2.8 Los Endos 06:46
2.9 I Know What I Like 09:03
2.10 "After The Show Phil's Interview" 07:38

Total Running Time: 2:22:51

- Tony Banks / RMI electric piano, Hammond T. organ, APR Pro-Soloist, Mellotron 400, Epiphone,
12 string guitar, backing vocals
- Phil Collins / drums, percussion, lead vocals
- Steve Hackett / lead guitar, Hodaka, 12 string guitar
- Mike Rutherford / electric 12 string guitar, bass guitar, 8 string bass guitar, bass pedals,
backing vocals
- Chester Thompson / drums and percussion

Genesis - (1997) Congo

Genesis - (1997) Congo

Singles/EPs/Fan Club/Promo, released in 1997

Losing their way

"Congo" was the first single to be taken from the post Collins era "Calling all stations" album. Lead vocals are thus in the hands of Ray Wilson, previously of Stiltskin. The song is certainly commercially orientated, but the tribal rhythms and apparently banal lyric's did little to endear those who still purchased singles to the new music of this old band, and the release only briefly entered the UK top 30.

As had quickly become the custom for single releases, the various formats offered different additional tracks. The CD version has an extract from the magnificent "Home by the sea", presumably taken from a studio rehearsal for the then forthcoming tour. This is of passing interest only, since the definitive versions featuring Phil Collins were already available in studio and live format. Also included is a PC multi-media section with the promotional video for the single, and interviews with the three band members.

Ironically, it is the cassette version which is greater interest though. Although the title track is an edited version, here we have two other tracks which were omitted from "Calling all stations", and are otherwise unavailable. "Papa he said" is slightly reminiscent of "I can't dance", the funky backbeat suiting Wilson's style of delivery, but the song itself was left off the album for all too obvious reasons. "Banjo man" does indeed feature that instrument, but the overall sound is prosaic, with Wilson's vocals once again being the dominant feature.

These two (thankfully) rare tracks only serve to emphasise how desperate Rutherford and in particular Banks were becoming to rekindle the formula for a hit single. The philosophy here is clearly keep is as simple as possible, and it will sell in vast quantities. Unfortunately, in the process they completely forgot that you still have to come up with a decent tune.

1. Congo (4:51)
2. Second home by the sea (edited version) (4:56)
3. Enhanced CD section with "Congo" video, Interview with Ray Wilson, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford, Digital animation of stage set design

Total time (audio) 9:47

1. Congo (edit) (3:13)
2. Congo (4:51)
Total time 8:04

UK Cassette
1. Congo (edit) (3:13)
2. Papa he said (4:07)
3. Banjo man (4:20)
Total time 10:40

- Tony Banks / Keyboards, vocals
- Mike Rutherford / Bass, guitar, vocals
- Ray Wilson / Vocals
- Nir Z / Drums

Genesis - (1976) Melody Of 1976


Genesis - Melody Of 1976
1. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
2. Fly on a Windshield
3. The Carpet Crawlers
4. The Cinema Show
5. Robbery, Assault and Battery
6. White Mountain
7. Firth of Fifth

Genesis - Complete Melody Of 1976


1. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
2. Fly on a Windshield
3. The Carpet Crawlers
4. The Cinema Show
5. Robbery, Assault and Battery
6. White Mountain
7. Firth of Fifth

8.  Entangled
9. Squonk
 10. Supper's Ready
11.  I Know What I Like
12. Los Endos
13.  It / Watcher Of The Skies

LineUp:Phill Collins - Vocal, Drum
Tony Banks - Keyboard
Steve Hackett - Guitar
Mike Rutherford - Bas
Bill Bruford - Drum

Genesis - (1974) Academy of Music

Genesis - (1974) Academy of Music
Academy Of Music
Live at Academy of Music, New York, May 4, 1974.

Cd 1
01 - Watcher Of The Skies
02 - Britannia Story
03 - One Handed Drum Solo
04 - Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
05 - Romeo Story
06 - The Cinema Show
07 - I Know What I Like
08 - 5 Rivers Story
09 - Firth Of Fifth

Cd 2
01 - Henry Story
02 - "Some In Betweens Phil..."
03 - The Musical Box
04 - Horizons
05 - The Battle Of Epping Forest
06 - Old Michael Story
07 - Supper's Ready

Uriah Heep - The Live Broadcasts

Uriah Heep - The Live Broadcasts

Track List:
01. Easy Livin’ 03:00
02. Tears in My Eyes 4:37
03. Stealin’ 04:58
04. Sunrise 03:59
05. So Tired 03:33
06. Interview with Mick Box and David Byron 00:28
07. Love Machine 02:07
08. Traveller in Time 03:18
09. The Easy Road 02:21
10. Sympathy 04:44
11. One More Night 03:11
12. Wise Man 03:02
13. Come Back to Me 03:59
14. Easy Livin’ (Reprise) 03:20

Uriah Heep - (2008) Wake The Sleeper

Uriah Heep - (2008) Wake The Sleeper

Studio Album, released in 2008

When Classic Rock magz previous edition featured Uriah Heep’s llatest album “Wake The Sleeper” by saying that this legendary band is now more Purple than Purple, I was truly astonished and proud! Oh yeah … this is one of pioneer bands that I listened to the first time I knew the term “rock” music when I was a child. In the past people said that this band was in between Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin even though I disagree with this dictum. And I tell you what …! When I spun the Summer of Rock CD from the magz I find that Uriah Heep “Overload” is truly different than usual Uriah Heep music especially in the way Mick Box plays his guitar. So … I did purchase the CD from Amazon UK and it arrived last week.

I’s good to be back!

The opening track “Wake The Sleeper” is really a big surprise for me because this is what I would say: “Uriah Heep’s respond to Dream Theater”. Well, this is basically a power metal track with fast tempo. One thing that Heep has never done in their entire career and this is the fastest tempo – I think. It has no lyrics but the choirs only and the music really remind me to power progressive metal. I think the new drummer Russel Gilbrook brings this new kind of style into the band’s music horizon. I am really happy that Uriah Heep plays this kind of music. Next track “Overload” is another excellent track which has new sound of Mick Box guitar work combined with the band’s legendary sound. “Tears of The World” still present the heavy side of Uriah Heep music like the first two tracks. This track reminds me to the tune “Love Machine” of Look AT Yourself album, the band’s classic. It has all the energy and dynamics of the oldies of Heep. Bernie Shaw’s vocal is excellent back with great choirs, the unique characteristic of Heep sound. Box also demonstrates his guitar solo as past days style.

“Light Of A Thousand Stars” brings the music down into medium tempo while “Heaven's Rain” starts off with a music where the organ reminds us to the days when Ken Hensley was still in the band. Unfortunately, this is just a mundane stuff, nothing special about it. “Book Of Lies” tries to bring the music up but it does not really have a good melody or riffs to attract me. “What Kind Of God” is a mellow track with good lyrics. I like the drumming at approximately minute 3:52 even though it does not help elevate the attractiveness of the whole song.

“Ghost Of The Ocean” is quite energetic especially with great guitar solo by Box and the overall music brings me back to the band’s “Return To Fantasy” album. Again, Bernie demonstrates his good quality of vocal here. The song has a good interlude as well. “Angels Walk With You” was written by Trevor Bolder in ballad style. It has good opening track in mellow style and it moves into riffs-based music with good combination of guitar and organ work. “Shadow” is a riff-based song with very nice intro and it moves in a good flow through the vocal of Bernie. The album concludes nicely with “War Child” which combines melody and riffs. It’s interesting to close the chapter. The interlude part with guitar solo is nice.

Overall this is a very good album and there are excellent tracks as well. If Heep can maintain the excellent tracks in the middle of the album as they demonstrate at the first three tracks as well as last tracks of the album, it can be considered as excellent album. I salute the band can still make a music which carries its past identity. Keep on progging!

Peace on earth and mercy mild – GW
(i-Rock! Music Community)

Track Listings

1. Wake The Sleeper (Box/Lanzon) (3:33)
2. Owerload (Box/Lanzon) (5:58)
3. Tears Of The World (Box/Lanzon) (4:45)
4. Light Of A Thousand Stars (Box/Lanzon) (3:57)
5. Heaven's Rain (Box/Lanzon) (4:16)
6. Book Of Lies (Box/Lanzon) (4:05)
7. What Kind Of God (Box/Lanzon) (6:37)
8. Ghost Of The Ocean (Box/Lanzon) (3:22)
9. Angels Walk With You (Bolder) (5:24)
10. Shadow (Lanzon) (3:35)
11. War Child (Bolder/Gallagher) (5:07)

Total Time 50:46


- Mick Box / guitars, vocals
- Trevor Bolder / bass, vocals
- Phil Lanzon / keyboards, vocals
- Bernie Shaw / lead vocals
- Russell Gilbrook / drums, vocals

Uriah Heep - (2004) Revelations The Uriah Heep Anthology

Uriah Heep - (2004) Revelations: The Uriah Heep Anthology


CD 1

01. Gypsy
02. Come Away Melinda
03. Wake Up (Set Your Sights)
04. Here I Am (Alternative Mix)
05. Time To Live
06. Lady In Black
07. July Morning
08. Look At Yourself
09. Paradise / The Spell
10. Rock 'n' Roll Medley (Live):

CD 2

01. The Wizard
02. Easy Livin'
03. The Magician's Birthday
04. Stealin'
05. Sweet Freedom
06. Wonderworld
07. Return To Fantasy
08. Weep In Silence
09. The Hanging Tree
10. Free 'n' Easy
11. Think It Over
12. Rockarama

Uriah Heep - (2002) From The Lansdowne Tapes

01. Born in a Trunk (Box/Byron) 3.47 *
02. Simon the Bullet Freak (Hensley) 3.28
03. Here Am I (Hensley) 8.14
04. Magic Lantern (Box/Byron) 8.32 *
05. Why [11.18 Min Version] (Box/Byron/Newton/Hensley) 11.20
06. Astranaza (Box/Byron) 4.46 *
07. What's Within My Heart (Hensley) 5.26
08. What Should Be Done (Hensley) 4.28
09. Lucy Blues (Box/Byron) 5.10
10. I Want You Babe (Box/Byron) 5.42 *
11. Celebrate (Bonner/Gordon) 4.26 *
12. Schoolgirl (Box/Byron) 3.25 *
13. Born in a Trunk [Instumental Version] (Box/Byron) 4.02 *
14. Look at Yourself (Hensley) 3.20
15. Dreammare [Intro] (Newton) 1.10

* SPICE : Mick Box (guitars), David Byron (vocals), Paul Newton (bass), Alex Napier (drums), Colin Wood (keyboards)
#2 URIAH HEEP : Mick Box (guitars), David Byron (vocals), Paul Newton (bass), Nigel Olsson (drums), Ken Hensley (keyboards)
#3 URIAH HEEP : Mick Box (guitars), David Byron (vocals), Paul Newton (bass), Keith Baker (drums), Ken Hensley (keyboards)
#4 URIAH HEEP : Mick Box (guitars), David Byron (vocals), Paul Newton (bass), Iain Clarke (drums), Ken Hensley (keyboards)

Uriah Heep - (1989) Raging Silence

Uriah Heep - (1989) Raging Silence

Studio Album, released in 1989

The best from the '80's

Raging silence from 1989 - again lots of changings both in sound and musicians. The new singer Bernie Shaw ex Paraying Mantis and Grand Prix is a very good replacement of Golby, with a good voice more towards hard and heavy but fits like a glove in Heep's music. Phil Lanzon from Sad Cafe fame come to UH in late 1986 and remains 'till today constant member like Shaw. Box, Kerslake and Bolder remains the gear of Heep's music and they were constant members so unreplaceble. The music from Raging silence is rather heavy than prog, with some leanings towards hard rock but ok in the end, nice keyboard interplays and good guitar riffs and harmonies, some of the good pieces are: Hold Your Head Up (this is a Argent cover) but sounds very good in Heep's sound, Cry Freedom and my fav piece from here Lifeline. All in all a good album, among the best UH albums with a lot of energy and good ideas that tops all the rest of the Heep's albums from the '80's. 3 stars for Raging silence

Track Listings

Side A
1. Hold Your Head Up (4:33)
2. Blood Red Roses (4:10)
3. Voice On My TV (4:20)
4. Rich Kid (4:49)
5. Cry Freedom (4:34)

Side B
1. Bad Bad Man (4:11)
2. More Fool You (3:34)
3. When The War Is Over (5:09)
4. Lifeline (4:53)
5. Rough Justice (4:21)

Total Time: 44:34
1. Miracle Child (4:11) single b-side
2. Look At Yourself (7:20) Live recording from 1987, b-side of 'Blood Red Roses' 12" single
3. Too Scared Too Run (3:58) Live version from 1987, previously unreleased
4. Corina (4:46) Live version from 1987, previously unreleased
5. Hold Your Head Up (5:53) extended version released on 12" single
6. Blood Red Roses (4:53) extended remix , previously unreleased

- Mick Box / guitars
- Lee Kerslake / drums, vocals
- Trevor Bolder / bass guitar, vocals
- Phil Lanzon / keyboards, vocals
- Bernie Shaw / lead vocals

Guest musicians:
- Brett Morgan / drums
- Frank Ricotti / percussion
- String parts on "When The War Is Over" arranged and played by Phil Lanzon
- Russian words on "Cry Freedom" spoken by Marie Zackojiva

Uriah Heep - (1983) Head First

Uriah Heep - (1983) Head First

Studio Album, released in 1983

Track Listings

Side A
1. The Other Side Of Midnight (3:55)
2. Stay On Top (3:35)
3. Lonely Nights (4:07)
4. Sweet Talk (3:51)
5. Love Is Blind (3:38)

Side B
1. Roll-Overture (2:18)
2. Red Lights (2:57)
3. Rollin' The Rock (5:31)
4. Straight Through The Heart (3:39)
5. Weekend Warriors (3:50)

Total Time: 37:21
1. Playing For Time (4:27) single b-side
2. Searching (3:52) instrumental out-take, previously unreleased
3. The Wizard [live] (4:52) live version 1984, previously unreleased

- Mick Box / guitars, vocals
- Lee Kerslake / drums
- Bob Daisley / bass
- John Sinclair / keyboards, vocals
- Peter Goalby / vocals
- Frank Ricotti / percussion on "Roll-Overture"

Uriah Heep - (1982) Abominog

Uriah Heep - (1982) Abominog

Studio Album, released in 1982

Track Listings

Side A
1. Too Scared To Run (3:47)
2. Chasing Shadows (4:38)
3. On The Rebound (3:13)
4. Hot Night In A Cold Town (3:57)
5. Running All Night (With The Lion) (4:24)

Side B
1. That's The Way That It Is (4:04)
2. Prisoner (4:27)
3. Hot Persuasion (3:45)
4. Sell Your Soul (5:22)
5. Think It Over (3:33)

Total Time: 42:10
1. Tin Soldier (3:49) single b-side
2. Son Of A Bitch (4:08) single b-side
3. That's The Way That It Is (4:27) demo version, previously unreleased
4. Hot Persuasion (4:04) demo version, previously unreleased

- Lee Kerslake / drums, vocals
- Peter Goalby / vocals
- Bob Daisley / bass, vocals
- John Sinclair / keyboards, vocals
- Mick Box / guitars, vocals

Uriah Heep - (1980) Conquest

Uriah Heep - (1980) "Conquest"

Studio Album, released in 1980

Track Listings

Side A
1. No Return (6:02)
2. Imgination (5:49)
3. Feelings (5:26)
4. Fools (5:03)

Side B
1. Carry On (3:57)
2. Won't Have To Wait Too Long (4:54)
3. Out On The Street (5:57)
4. It Ain't Easy (5:45)

Total Time: 44:37
Bonus tracks:
1. Been Hurt (3:56) single b-side
2. Love Stealer (3:28) single a-side
3. Think It Over [vocals John Sloman] (3:33) single a-side
4. My Joanna Needs Tuning (3:02) single b-side
5. Lying (4:23) out-take, previously unreleased

- Mick Box / guitars
- John Sloman / lead & backing vocals, piano, percussion
- Chris Slade / Staccato drums, percussion
- trevor Bolder / bass guitar
- Ken Hensley / obx, vocoder, organ, piano, guitars, backing vocalsTracklist:

Uriah Heep - (1979) Live in Europe

Uriah Heep - 1979 Live in Europe

Live, released in 1986

It’s John Lawton that makes the Uriah Heep fans need to have this live record which took in various places around 1979. I have been a big fan of Lawton since I knew him for the first time with Germany’s Lucifer’s Friend. In fact, I’d rather have Lawton than Bernie Shaw as replacement of David Byron. Yes, Lawton’s voice is unique and there is no similarity with Byron. The joining of Lawton to Heep had made the overall sound of Uriah Heep was different from the previous early years. As it’s quite different you might find some tracks who originally were sung by Byron do not sound quite smooth in this live performance. In this case, Bernie’s voice quality sounds similar in some ranges with Byron. That’s why I basically have no major issue having Bernie Shaw sings Byron’s tracks. You might find how struggling Lawton to match with the first three tracks : Easy Livin’ (3:14), Look At Yourself (5:18), and Lady In Black (7:26) (originally sung by Hensley. Thanks, Eugene, for the correction). Not really bad but I find the soul’s lost. Fortunately there are Ken Hensley and Mick Box who can make the overall music still sound Heep. When Free Me (4:53) is performed, yes .. this is really unique Lawton! The other disappointing one is during “Sweet Lorraine” (12:44) which does not sound quite right.

This is not bad at all, but I’d only recommend this for the die hard fans only.

Track Listings

Record One, Side A
1. Easy Livin’ (3:14)
2. Look At Yourself (5:18)
3. Lady In Black (7:26)
4. Free Me (4:53)
Record One, Side B
1. Stealin’ (4:54)
2. The Wizard (3:35)
3. July Morning (12:35)

Record Two, Side A
1. Falling In Love (3:04)
2. Woman Of The Night (3:12)
3. I’m Alive (4:04)
4. Who Needs Me (9:46) [Not included on the original cd release]
Record Two, Side B
1. Sweet Lorraine (12:44)
2. Free 'N' Easy (2:53)
3. Gypsy (4:52)

Total Time: 82:30
Bonus tracks:
1. Cheat 'N' Lie (6:11) out-take, previously unreleased
2. One More Night (4:55) out-take, previously unreleased
3. Easy Livin' (3:26) alternate version, previously unreleased
4. Sealin’ (5:12) alternate version, previously unreleased
5. Lady In Black (7:26) alternate version, previously unreleased
6. Gypsy (4:40) alternate version, previously unreleased

- Mick Box / guitars
- John Lawton / vocals
- Ken Hensley / keyboard, guitars, vocals
- Lee Kerslake / drums, vocals
- Trevor Bolder / bass